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9/2/06 11:42 pm

last night was greattttttt!!!!!!!!!
two calls, only one was a transport. (woo-woo)
had a "sleepover" with tim and kyle. aka stay up all night and listen to haley talk bc shes hyper. oh and we watched that 70s show.
got to be on the stinky boy bus last night too. (fun fun fun!) rescue guys are soo friggin perverted they make me and eryn look tame. (and thats saying something). but yeah, riding with curt, tim and kyle made for a very intersting and laughiliscious night. and thats all i have interesting to say exceptttttttt. HE ASKEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! (long story --*insert super duper big smile here*) and that was my splendid past 24 hours, the end

"ow, thats my ass"
"my bad"

8/19/06 03:52 pm - WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

i passed, i passed, i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(the state test of course!)
yeah.....not happy bout that AT ALL...................
(insert happy dance here)

and this is the end of a very random very happy entry.

8/5/06 09:29 am

heyy yalll!!!
so ive been up pretty much all night at rescueand with getting up early/lots of caffiene, im not sleepy....so an lj update sounds about right, right? rightttttttt.....
last night was so much fun! we were really busy had 7 calls and went to bed at 430 (so an hour and a half of sleep...its all good). but firefighters are seriously my heroes. we got back to the station after running a call and the firefighers were in the bay area (the really long driveway thing in front of the station) with mentoes and diet coke. one of them mentioned how when you put mentos in diet coke the coke shoots up in the air, so dave ran across the street and bought what? diet coke and mentos of course. and it worked!!!!!!! first he dumped a sleeve of mentos into the coke and it seriously shot upp like 4 feet. then things got a little crazy jeff and dave got into this competition to see wo could make it go the farthest and dropped mentos intot he coke bottle, shook it up realllly hard then threw it in the air. the pressure in it made the neck of the bottle break off and the stuff went flying everywhere! it was life fireworks!!!!! (definetely gonna have to try that sometime huh?) it was so funny bc we were all running away to try and not get drenched in diet coke. made me happy. thensome of the firefighters got into chair races. (the bay area has a downward slope s they took the chairs from the office and were racing down the hill in them. i lurf firefighters, thats about all there is to say. as becky would say theyre like horny 5 year olds. but yeah.....we didnt jsut fool around last night though, there were tons of calls (only three transports though which was nice, the rest were waivers.) i love emt stuff sooo much bc it really puts things in perspective for you. we had this one call for a woman who was 43 years old witha cardiac history and chest pain. her husband had just died a few months ago of a heart attack and she was having one too, so she was really scared. she didnt get along wth her children s after her husband died, her children didnt talk to her and she started drinking. she was alone in her house for two days before a neighbor found her and she was too sick to get to the phone ot call 911 herself. its people like her that make me realize how good i have it. i mean everyone has good days and bad days, but when you see what a big shithole someone elses life is, it makes you glad you dont have,a nd even if your life is less than perfect, its better than that- so cheer the fuck up! gah. theres so much drama going on right now. people seriously need to stop acting like 5 year olds, put on their big girl/boy panties/boxers and deal with it. it could always be worse. thats jsut a common fact of life, whatever your going through in life remember that a.) it could always be worse, b.) theres someone out there that has it worse, and c.) your not alone, someone somehwere is in the exact same situation as you, you may not know them but they are. so thats about it. tim and curt are gonna helpme study for the state test so iget to go back to the station in less than 12 hours woohoooo!!!!!!! (trying to get all my certification stuff out of the way so i can start precepting as soon as i take the state test). get to build some gunssss haha. but yeah, stretchers are heavy even without a patient on them (we practiced taing those out of bambliances last night. and yeah, the firefighters raced them down the hill too (have i mentioned that they are my heroes? bc yeah, they are) 
and i think thats about all tere is to say. nothing new to report in the love life dept (bc that was messy and still is messy) and other than emt stuff/working/studyinglikemad for the state test/ hanging out with people whenever i can (sorry its so hard to these days!) theres nothing going on. (oxymoron, yes) 
thats about all there is to say.....peace out homies!

random thoughts form random people
"dont get the mentos wet!" (dave)
" i'd ratehr be drunk and happy than alone and sober" (patient)
"shortstuff" (thats my nickname)
"the first time was by accident, the second time was just.....by accident" (jeff)

8/2/06 05:33 pm

so basically.....I LOVE DRIVINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats about all there is to say. 
(no wrecks yet either...sweeeeeeeeeeet)
haha but yeah, just thought yall should know.

7/28/06 12:09 pm - lyrics.....im kinda bored

(cigarettes- lucky boys confusion)
Cigarettes, cigarettes and cheap champagne
Watching movies in the dark but really listening to the rain
Jealousy, two years of tainted history
Swallowed whole can dig a hole deeper then any cemetery

Can't wear you out cause your solid gold

Cigarettes, old regrets they can't compete
With where we are now counting stars and all the cars out on the street
Don't understand, can't understand just what you see
A pioneer, a vagabond or just a case of charity

If i could just shut up, we could get down
Pretend we're the only ones alive in this town
If i could only laugh, if i could only breathe
If i could only change one thing

Cigarettes, cigarettes and cheap champagne
Watching movies in the dark but really listening to the rain
Don't understand, can't understand why you believe
That piles of bills won't break your will until the day you set me free

If i could only change one thing
I wouldn't have held you from holding me

You belong to me
You're safe right here, you're safe right here
You belong to me
Save your breath, we're the only guarantee

If i could just shut up, we could get down
Pretend we're the only ones alive in this town
If i could make you laugh, if i could make you scream 

I shouldn't have held you from holding me

If i could only change one thing

7/22/06 11:43 pm - thought it was funnny.....

10 Reasons to Date an EMT

..10) We are used to staying up all night.

..09) we are great with multiple partners.

..08) We are experts in Mouth to Mouth.

..07) we are the quickest in rapid clothing removal.

..06) We arrive with our own multi-positional bed.

..05) We'd shock the socks off you.

..04) We always come when we are called.

..03) We are prepared for any rhythm.

..02) We are already familiar with Latex.

..01) We are available Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway you need us!!.

7/18/06 11:28 pm


6/25/06 01:57 pm - good song

I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes
Now I see the world as a candy store
With a cigarette smile, saying things you can't ignore
Like mommy I love you
Daddy I hate you
Brother I need you
Lover, hey, "fuck you"
I can see everything here with my third eye
Like the blue in the sky

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor

Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you're given
its all how you use it

I've been the girl - middle finger in the air
Unaffected by rumors, the truth: i don't care
So open your mouth and stick out your tounge
You might as well let go you can't take back what you've done
So find a new lifestyle
A reason to smile
Look for Nirvana
Under the strobe lights
Sequins and sex dreams
You whisper to me
there's no reason to cry

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you're given
its all how you use it

You take what you get and you get what you give
I say
don't run from yourself, man, that's no way to live
I've got a record in my bag you should give it a spin
Lift your hands in the air so that life can begin

If God is a DJ...If God...If God is a DJ life is a dance floor so
Get your ass on the dance floor now...

Chorus x2

(god is a dj-- pink)

6/10/06 10:47 pm - life is beeyootiful

heyy yall!
once again it has not been a  while but i feel like updating. so deal. jkjk. but yeah. id just like to say that LIFE IS BEEYOOTIFUL!!!
it reallly truly is. sometimes its easy to get wrapped around lifes trivialities and let them bring you down but when you look back they really dont mean a thing. as this year comes to a close im realizing that life goes by way too fast and its pointless to let the little stuff upset you because then youll just waste your life thinkning about minor issues and what could have happened but didnt or what you want tyo happen but are too scared. all of that is pointless. if you want somehting to happen stop complaining and go out and make it happen. and people need to stop complaining about minor issues in their life like not having everyone love you. do you love everyone? didnt think so. so dont be mad some people arent in your fan club--thats stupid. this year ive really learned that when bad stuff happens its best to jsut move on dont dwell on it or let it depress you bc what good does that do? life is all about the choices we make and some of them are good ones some of them are bad. the point of life is to figure out the difference between the good and bad ones and not to dwell on them but use it as a learning  experience and grow from it. 
this summer is goingto be the beginning of so many new things!
i had my orientation for emt stuff and got my uniform and everything. i start on friday!!!!!! (6pm friday to 6am saturday shift!) ive wanted to do this for so long and its finally happening!!! this summer is gonna be action packed. emt classes monday wednesday adn saturday then still behind the wheel and working. still trying to find a job,but im either going to be working at tower records in tysons (get discounts!!!) or the pancake house as a waitress. (those are the only two jobs that are willing to work around my emt stuff but i think theyd both be really fun!) need to make some money this summer to buy  a car/gas. (bc a liscense is a wonderful thing but its kinda pointless when theres no car to drive wth it ya know...?) 
oh but then the other exciting things this summer......my step/half/ex/ sister-in-law is visiting!!!!!! havent seen her in i think 2 years bc se lives in wa, so itll be really fun to see her again. its really weird she used to be married to my older brother but they divorced and she moved and all but were still really good friends (i like her better than my big brother hehe) but were realy clsoe so im glad shes coming. then lily's maybe possibly coming to stay for a bit from arizona? perhaps. 
so today. job orientation. marshalls (got a bikini for 7 bucks how cool is that!). then it was meatballs bday party!!!! 
so its basically been a splendipferous day. 
then i came home and reorganized the furniture (micheal crawford would be proud hehe) you HAVE to reorganize furniture sometime it makes your room look completely different!  so thats about all i have to say about all of that. 
finals next week. uhhh goody? ive gotta do well on them bc this has been like a lukewarm year for grades. better than last year but ive been getting the you can do better talk a lot. so studying hard is definetely in order. good luck to everyone on their finals (excpet the seniors who have basically already finished them! and to you guys, good luck next year! promise not to forget yall!) i think thats about it, so im gonna go.
till the butter flies, HB

5/19/06 08:18 pm - updating for lily....cuz i heart her

heyyy yall, so its been a while huh?
(actually dont know how long it really has been but i think its time for an lj update...so yeah)
anyhew, lifes pretty flipping swiggedly sweet right about now. proms tomorrow!!!!!!!
its gonna be fun fun fun fun fun fun.
tomorrows jsut gonna be an action packed day.
getting up at 7 to do a 5k for cancer somewhere i fairfax. (me and mia are doing it together and it raises money for cancer awareness so im really excited!) so then after that coming home showering, etc and going to visit my neice hopefully. shes been in the hospital for rehab and stuff, but shes doing a lot better now. (and we werent allowed to visit her when she was in there so i miss her!) thenn.....PROM! its gonna be the bomb diggity to say the least. im wearing the same dress as last year but i lurf it so its all good. prob gonna look kinda funny bc ive got this ginormous bruise form the blood drive. (actually one on each arm...thats a long story) but its the weirdest bruise ever, it follows the line if my vein halfway up past my elbow. ill be happy to show ya hehe. but yeah its a loverly purplish greenish color that will look smashing with my prom dress! (hehe--the sad thing is im actually serious about that)
so what else is going on....
lots of projects/etc coming for school and even more fun reasons not to do them.....but theyll get done.
oh my gosh! im tkaing an emt class to get my certification to become a paramedic and it starts THIS MONDAYY!!!!!!!! i seriously cant wait for this. ive wanted to be an emt since i was 2, no joke. (most kids watched sesame street, i watched rescue 911, etc) but ive wanted to do this for so long and im really happy its finnally gonna happen. well, i think thats about it in my life, how are all yall doing? cantwait to see everyone all gussied up tomorrow! i think thats about it, time to go watch a movie/paint my nails for tomorrow!
till the butter flies, haley baley

leavign with lyrics (of course)
lyrics.....? ohhh yesCollapse )
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